Tips for Klarna

Hello Beautiful People,

It's Alex here, the Founder of DOUBLETAKE. One of the reasons I created DOUBLETAKE was to make high quality jewellery more affordable. So as well as giving you great prices for quality products, we also offer Klarna which will allow you to purchase pieces through interest free instalments for customers in certain countries. I've personally used Klarna many times and while it's great for helping you manage your cashflow. Here are some tips for effectively managing your Klarna payments:

Set reminders on your phone calendar: Klarna sends you a  reminder when a payment is due but it may also be helpful to set additional reminders on your phone or in your physical calendar so you don't forget a payment will be coming out of your account.

Consider making the purchases at the beginning of the month: This is something I personally do with all my bills. I make sure all my bills are paid right after I receive my paycheck. That way I have no unexpected bills at the end of the month that can push my account into the negative. If you make a purchase using Klarna at the end of the month, that means all your future repayments will be due at the end of the month when most of your paycheck has been spent. This can leave you with less money that you expected if you forget to save some money aside for your Klarna payment.

Pay off your payment early: If you can afford to make your Klarna payment early, I would strongly recommend doing it. You can make repayments before they're due with no extra charge.

And finally the most important tip...

If you can't afford the repayments don't purchase the item! Nothing is worth you getting yourself into a financial bind which can have long-lasting ramifications. If you can't afford the monthly repayments you can:

  • Save up until you have enough money until you can buy the product outright
  • Wait until you have a better monthly cash flow and you will be able to afford the monthly repayments 
  • Don't buy the product at all! Spending money you simply don't have will only bring you stress in the long run. No matter how much we love our products, spending money you can't afford to repay isn't worth it

If these scenarios don't apply to you and you are just using Klarna to better manage your cash flow, then perfect! It can be a super useful tool to manage your monthly costs.

Please head to to read Klarna's full terms and conditions.


Thank you,

Alexandra (Founder)